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November 7, 2019, 10:00 AM

2019-11 November Pastor Report


The news is that things are moving even slower. Don’t let that discourage you. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance. We are getting closer to starting the repairs but unfortunately the more we find wrong the more we have to adapt our plans. At the morning service on October 13th I gave some information about some new possibilities. I going clarify those below.

Extremely Slim Possibility

The Main building (ie, sanctuary, back offices, 1st and 2nd floor classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and fellowship hall), may be considered a total loss by the insurance company. Not the Sunday school building. I am serious about the very slim part. You ask why mention it at all. Well because it is a possibility and the church body needs to be prepared. What that means is that for the building we will max out at receiving 3.5 million from the insurance company. That sounds like a lot but it is not enough to rebuild all the square footage that we have. This does not mean we have to demolish everything but it does mean we will need to give serious pray to what we need to keep of our structure.

Slim Possibility

There is a slim possibility we may demolish the East wing and fellowship hall. So this is a higher chance than above but still slim. We would keep the sanctuary and back offices. Every thing from Vicki’s office and Tommy’s classroom to the fellowship hall would be demolished. This is not because of the damage by the hurricane but because of the economics of major renovation. We already know the plumbing and electrical need major renovations. If there is a structural issue that needs major renovations it changes the economics. Six months ago this was not considered as possibility. We will know in a few months when the estimated cost for the renovations are done.


The insurance money we get will be needed to do all the repairs. The money we have saved will go towards building upgrades. We may not have enough money to do all that we want to do. That means that we may have to leave some things unfinished. We may have to live with painted block walls and no carpet for a few years while we save money. We will know better on what adjustment we have to make when the cost estimates are completed.

Not Bad News

Initially, I felt like this was bad news but it is not. It is just possibilities at the moment of which we need to be aware. It may be disappointing if we end up demolishing part of our building. But we are a people that trust God. This is not a surprise to Him and if He leads us through this then we will follow and see what He will do. I am trusting the Lord that what ever building we have when this is over is the building we need to minister to our community for it is all in His hands.

There is nothing we can do to increase, decrease or change the possibilities. What we can do is pray that all the facts about the building are revealed so that we can be sure to make the right decision when it is time.

September 30, 2019, 2:51 PM

2019-10 October Pastor Report


It just is not ever going to go the way we think it should. On Tuesday September 17th I sat down with Cosco for three and half hours to discuss what is going on in great details, procedure reviews and how this could play out with the insurance company.

Roof Repair

We still don’t have a permit. We don’t have a permit because we don’t have the final drawings to submit to the city. We don’t have the drawings because when the engineer was on site making measurements for the drawings he discovered that more of our trusses are damaged than the insurance company said. Some of the sanctuary truss are even split. The will need to be replaced or repaired. Figuring out which then updating plans for city will take time.

Don’t let this discourage you. God knew this was coming. Sure we would love to think it is ready to be repaired but split and cracked trusses are weak. It becomes a long term safety issue.


Cosco is bringing CASA Engineering on board. They will be doing a total assessment of our facility and giving us a report in Xactimate, a tool used by ICAT. Xactimate was used by ICAT’s adjuster but they left off and underpriced many items. CASA’s report will reflect true cost better. Having the report from CASA in Xactimate gives us more leverage with ICAT as we are using their tool to show them the truth.

CASA will also give us an Engineer Report on the building. This is the first time the Engineer on site has been working for us. The previous engineers worked for the insurance company and they have not giving us reports. CASA is working for us therefore they are looking out for our concerns.

CASA does forensic engineering examination. They are the type of company a public adjuster would hire to do all the investigations. Once we have our report then we will have an Engineer backing us that our damage is more extensive than the insurance company’s adjuster says.

What Next

Cosco and I have spent a lot of time discussing the scenarios the insurance company could do once we have the report. One scenario they could say CASA report is correct here’s the money. There are many other scenarios but speculation does us no good. We really are in a time of living day by day trusting the Lord. There is nothing else we can do with the insurance company until with have the reports from CASA. Then we will see the next step. But tomorrow God could reveal something else that makes us change our plans again.

Good News

We have the sign post and sign body installed.
We found the broken trusses before we started repairing the roof.
Brett Conley has come on staff to help us with children’s ministry.
We still have an air conditioned space to worship together.

What To Do (same as last month, pray)

Pray that Cosco will find the right subcontractors. That they write each scope of repair so that ICAT reimburse without delay.
Pray ICAT will lump sum settle with us for the amount they owe us. It would speed the remodel and repair.
Pray for me. I need wisdom and the right words when I talk to ICAT and Cosco.
Pray for the building committee to have wisdom, clarity and unity. For when God allows us to start there will decisions that need to be made.

September 24, 2019, 2:00 PM

A Small Step Forward

We have our new sign. It is up and running. Now we can annouce to the community we are here and ready to minister.


August 29, 2019, 2:40 PM

2019-09 September Pastor Report

2019-09 September Pastor Report

January: Journey

Back in January after months of discussion the church voted that remodeling the facility was the best way to proceed forward. Along with that we approved contracting with Cosco as our General Contractor and appointed a building committee.

May: Collision

After investigating the building, planning, and getting quotes from subcontractors Cosco delivered a “not to exceed number” to ICAT. After some negotiation the difference between Cosco’s and ICAT’s numbers is still more than $600,000. Though I must confess ICAT has not told me exactly how much they have increased their offer. I have asked. Cosco is trying to get all the money that is due us. ICAT is trying to get us to settle for less than we are owed.

July: Switch Gears

The counsel we had received early on was settle with the insurance company first then plan the remodel. This is what our Association has done and they settled at the end of July. Unfortunately ICAT refuses to budge. Because ICAT has advanced us a significant amount of money they don’t have to do anything else until we spend it. Therefore the Building Committee met, reviewed several options and approved to begin the work in phases with what money we have received and saved. The church verbally approved $400,000 for roof repair to begin as soon as possible.

August: Starting

At the August business meeting the church voted to approve the $470,000 roof repair amendment to the contract we signed in January. There will be many more amendments to come. For instance, we will get an amendment to do the ceiling and windows in the sanctuary. This is insurance money given to us to repair the building that we are spending.

We have had to change the way we deal with ICAT. As we pay for each amendment we will forward that cost to ICAT. ICAT should adjust their settlement correspondingly and reimburse us. Though ICAT should pay for all the repairs there is a chance that we might wind up in court or in mediation to settle.

Things to Remember

Cosco is a design build general contractor. They handle all of the subcontractors, architect, engineers, inspections, permits and etc. We signed a contract with them to help us through this process with ICAT and to work in our changes to the building as they repair the hurricane damage. All the repairs will come as amendments that we need to approve to proceed.

Cosco assist us in many ways like a public adjuster would assist but Cosco is not a PA. We could have gone with a PA but we would loose 10% percent or more of our claim. If we had gone with a PA and we end up in court the PA would hire the lawyer. With Cosco if we wind up in court we will hire the lawyer. In either case the ICAT will have to reimburse the lawyer fee.


ICAT called me on Tuesday, August 20th. It may be they will settle before we finish the roof repair or it may be a stall tactic. Whatever the case we are moving forward and will be forwarding all bills to ICAT for reimbursement until they settle.

On Thursday, August 22nd another structural engineer was on site working for a Cosco subcontractor. Cosco is having to increase outside expert documentation of the damage to prove our claim.

What To Do

Pray that Cosco will find the right subcontractors. That they write each scope of repair so that ICAT reimburse without delay.
Pray ICAT will lump sum settle with us for the amount they owe us. It would speed the remodel and repair.
Pray for me. I need wisdom and the right words when I talk to ICAT and Cosco.
Pray for the building committee to have wisdom, clarity and unity as we move forward.

August 5, 2019, 7:00 PM

2019-08 August Pastor Report

The insurance company still has not reached a point where they are willing to settle with us. After meetings, calls and emails they are closer to a settlement. We are still more that $600,000 apart in price. Remember that we are only trying to get from the insurance company what it would cost to repair the building. The improvements will be our responsibility.

Don’t let this discourage you. God knows where we are, who is holding up the remodel and what He is going to do. This is a time where we sit and watch God work. When the renovations are done we will look back and say, “see what God has done.” For now, we just keep praying.

A couple of things have moved forward. One: Cosco has began work on getting the roof repaired. Hopefully August 5th we will have a schedule on when it will start. In all our renovation plans, the main roof stays unchanged. So even though the insurance company does not agree with the cost we are going to repair it because it has to be done. Then we are going to send them the bill.

Two: The building committee met Sunday July 21st. We began discussing plans and actions. We want to be ready so that when the insurance company settles with us we can start right away with the new design. 

We are going to remodel our building. The degree of that remodel is in development. Currently the wish list is 31 items. I am now calling it the Hope List. I don’t magically wish for anything. I trust, hope, pray and plead in the Lord. I believe the Lord wants His building to be a place that attracts people to Himself and where they can worship the most holy God without distraction.

Please, if you have questions or concerns speak with me or any other member of the building committee.

The Building Committee: is Jessie Dasher, Vicki Hammack, Bill Anders, Jan Bates, Russell Gillingham, and alternate Stephanie Rice.

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