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August 5, 2019, 7:00 PM

2019-08 August Pastor Report

The insurance company still has not reached a point where they are willing to settle with us. After meetings, calls and emails they are closer to a settlement. We are still more that $600,000 apart in price. Remember that we are only trying to get from the insurance company what it would cost to repair the building. The improvements will be our responsibility.

Don’t let this discourage you. God knows where we are, who is holding up the remodel and what He is going to do. This is a time where we sit and watch God work. When the renovations are done we will look back and say, “see what God has done.” For now, we just keep praying.

A couple of things have moved forward. One: Cosco has began work on getting the roof repaired. Hopefully August 5th we will have a schedule on when it will start. In all our renovation plans, the main roof stays unchanged. So even though the insurance company does not agree with the cost we are going to repair it because it has to be done. Then we are going to send them the bill.

Two: The building committee met Sunday July 21st. We began discussing plans and actions. We want to be ready so that when the insurance company settles with us we can start right away with the new design. 

We are going to remodel our building. The degree of that remodel is in development. Currently the wish list is 31 items. I am now calling it the Hope List. I don’t magically wish for anything. I trust, hope, pray and plead in the Lord. I believe the Lord wants His building to be a place that attracts people to Himself and where they can worship the most holy God without distraction.

Please, if you have questions or concerns speak with me or any other member of the building committee.

The Building Committee: is Jessie Dasher, Vicki Hammack, Bill Anders, Jan Bates, Russell Gillingham, and alternate Stephanie Rice.

July 24, 2019, 10:00 AM

2019-06 June Pastor Report

By Pastor Jessie

For many people they are already thankful that this months report is not as long at last months report. There is not a lot to update you on. Never the less what has happen you need to know. Cosco (contractor) and ICAT (insurance) meet at the church on May 24th. They spent about three hours walking our building discussing differences in their estimates. I would say at first ICAT seemed hesitant on the differences but by the end of the meeting Cosco believes ICAT to be more accepting of their estimate. At the request of ICAT, Cosco has been working very hard on creating a not to exceed final number. It appears ICAT would like to resolve our claim promptly.

In regards to the not to exceed number, Cosco has finalized the number. In order to repair our building the total cost would be around $2,000,000. So far we have received about $650,000 from the insurance company to repair our main building. That is a difference of $1,350,000. I know that last month I wrote the difference was around $600,000 but at that time Cosco had not gotten all the estimates from the subcontractors. That was the known total as of then. Now they have all estimates and the two biggest additions are $234,330 for the roof and $405,519 for Masonry.

You need to continue to pray for Cosco and ICAT to be at peace with one another and God steer their hearts to resolving our claims so we can begin the remodel process.

Also lift up Cosco as they struggle to find reliable subcontractors.

Even though at the moment there is not much for the building committee to do, pray for us that God will fill us with the spirit of unison in the same vision so that when it is time to start on the plans we are one in the process.

As for when will we get to start, I make no promises. God has already reprimanded me saying to me that this is His building and when He is ready then He will let us start. He didn’t tell me to stop thinking and praying about it nor to stop listening to the church body’s concerns and hopes. Just trust Him to work out His plans. So if you have any concerns or hopes about the remodel please see me or one of the others on the building committee.